New Process Management Feature Reduces Waste and Changeover Times 

Newburyport, Massachusetts: PLAST-CONTROL’s  flagship ACS system for total extrusion management and gauge control is now offered with a new “material minimizing” software (MMS).  MMS continually monitors and controls the amount of resin actually in the complete extrusion system, including the extruder, dosing and vacuum loading systems. When enough resin is in the system, MMS automatically shuts off the supply, ensuring an absolute minimum of material remains when the job is finished. 

This new management feature not only allows processors to eliminate a significant amount of material waste, it also makes a major contribution to reduced changeover times. 

According to Mark Anderson, PLAST-CONTROL Sales Manager, the MMS was specifically developed in response to today’s market that favors processors who are successful with short runs and rapid transitions.  

A typical ACS installation for a three layer blown film line, Anderson says, includes a fifteen component continuous gravimetric dosing (blending), weight per length and layer ratio control, temperature control interface, gauge measurement and autoprofile control, product memory for material formulations as well as temperature profile storage. Also, typical ACS options include remote modem service, automatic correction for film shrinkage, material database and color print out capability.  ACS systems with MMS include the complete vacuum loading system with receivers, reserve hoppers, filter, pump and sequencing software. ACS integrates all of these functions into one simple operator interface.  

PLAST-CONTROL, through the company’s PLAST-CONTROL Central (PCC) system links, via Ethernet, all ACS, GT3 & GDC systems in a facility and bring total operations to any given management location. 

 “Any film producer concerned with changeover time and accumulating material waste can realize a significant benefit with this system,” Anderson said.  “We can suggest a thoroughly tested, off the shelf, MMS equipped ACS system configured to match nearly any customer’s requirements.” 

ACS systems are modular and offer an extensive range of extrusion control and gauge management hardware and software options. All PLAST-CONTROL systems are network compatible. 

PLAST-CONTROL manufactures extrusion process control and management technology in Remscheid, Germany.  Systems and components are engineered to enhance the economics of production for blown film, sheet, pipe and tubing.  PLAST-CONTROL installations have led up to over 50% improvements in total gauge control in blown film processes, and significant improvement in product yield or feet of sellable product per pound of material. In many cases they have increased output as well.   All PLAST-CONTROL systems and components can be retrofitted to optimize the economic performance of most extrusion systems and may be ordered as integral components of new extrusion lines.  PLAST-CONTROL technology is unique, patented and available only from PLAST-CONTROL. More than 7,000 PLAST-CONTROL systems are successfully in operation throughout the world. 

Detailed product information is available at the or by contacting Mark Anderson, PLAST-CONTROL, 65 Parker Street, Unit 10, Newburyport, MA 01950  (978) 462 0306. Fax (978) 462 1425