New Four-Line Blown Film Profile Measurement for $19,000 Per Line

Newburyport, Massachusetts: PLAST-CONTROL’s ACS Pro-Fil, a new on-line profile measuring system for mono and co-extrusion blown film lines, is being offered in four line configurations for less than $19,000 per line. 

The ACS PRO-FIL is a blown film gauge designed to measure film during production.  Gauge profile measurements from up to four lines can be displayed on a single computer and monitor.  The standard system includes computer, software, monitor and one gauge.  Gauges for additional lines are optional. 

Benefits include: 

  • Simple operation

  • Self-calibrating, no samples required

  • Up to four lines can be constantly monitored

  • Twin head pneumatic sensor for increased update time

  • Mapping to die bolts for all applications, including rotating/oscillating dies

  • Upgradeable to full automatic profile control PRO-CON if only one line is being monitored

  • Non-contacting measurement for critical film production

  • Short job changeover times

  • Retrofits on existing lines

  • Fast return on investment

profile display for 4 film linescapacitive sensor mounted in collapsing frame

Gauge profile may be measured by a capacitive sensor located in the collapsing frames, on the bubble with an optional rotating scanner with radial adjustment, or by an Air Gap Sensor positioned downstream of the nip rolls on the lay flat film.  For very sticky films that will not slide over a conventional capacitance head, an optional patented Roller C-Head capacitive sensor may be supplied. 

Profile information with die bolt mapping is displayed on a 19-inch color monitor in a conventional linear or polar graphic format.  Data is also displayed in tabular format and includes target and actual maximum and minimum gauge deviation, 2-sigma variation and, if optionally equipped, lay flat width and line speed.

One computer system ACS PRO-FIL can monitor and display four lines concurrently. The data or plots may be displayed on a single page or up to four profile displays may be shown on a single screen.

ACS PRO-FIL is a modular system and can be expanded to include PRO-CON automatic profile control air ring, width measurement/control, weight per length control and material dosing.  All PLAST-CONTROL systems are network compatible.

PLAST-CONTROL manufactures extrusion process control and management technology in Remscheid, Germany.  Systems and components are engineered to enhance the economics of production of blown film, sheet, pipe and tubing.  PLAST-CONTROL installations have provided over 50% improvements in total gauge to blown film processes, significantly improving product yield or feet of sellable products per pound of material. In many cases they have increased output as well.   All PLAST-CONTROL systems and components can be retrofitted to optimize the economic performance of most extrusion systems and may be ordered as integral components of new extrusion lines.  PLAST-CONTROL technology is unique, patented and available only from PLAST-CONTROL. More than 14,000 PLAST-CONTROL systems are successfully in operation throughout the world.