PLAST-CONTROL announces a broad reaching K Show program to be presented at  Hall 10 Stand J28. 

PLAST-CONTROL will introduce a new automatic profile control air ring series, PRO-CON II and also introduce the new Material Flow Control system. The booth will feature new gravimetric hopper configurations for fast changeovers and clean out and a PRO-SCAN non-nuclear, non-contact scanning gauge system for sheet.  Throughout the show, on-line, real time connections monitoring PLAST-CONTROL systems at work on multiple blown film extrusion systems shown by major manufacturers during K will be an ongoing feature on display.

The new PRO-CON II air ring for both stationary and oscillating dies allows a significant increase in the volume of cooling air, compared to earlier versions.  The increased air flow enhances cooling and supports significantly increased throughput rates.  The system ensures the high-speed adjustment, process stability and exceptional film gauge profile typical of all PRO-CON systems.  It is offered in a wider range of sizes, with the maximum diameter increased from 750 to 1200 mm, available with mono, dual lip and Hi-Flow lip inserts.

According to Mark Anderson, PLAST –CONTROL Sales Manager, the new Material Flow Controls, also to be introduced at K, provide precise monitoring and automated control of material consumption, ensuring only material needed to meet production actually enters the production system eliminating costly and wasteful material clean out during job changes.  Anderson says Material Flow Control delivers significant savings though reduction in the amount of material in the loading and Dosing (blending) system at the end of a job that is typically thrown into the scrap box. Material Flow Control also  allows faster changeovers and easier clean-outs and thus more sellable production time.

“The introduction of new technology and the opportunity to examine our systems at work under production conditions makes the PLAST-CONTROL booth an important stop for U.S. processors looking for ways to supercharge their production rates and slash their operating expenses,” Anderson said.

PLAST-CONTROL manufactures extrusion process control and management technology in Remscheid, Germany.  Systems and components are engineered to enhance production of blown film, sheet, pipe and tubing.  PLAST-CONTROL installations have enabled up to 50% improvements in gauge control in blown film processing and significant improvements in product yields per pound of material. In many cases they have increased output as well.   All PLAST-CONTROL systems and components can be retrofitted to optimize the performance of most extrusion systems and may be ordered as integral components of new extrusion lines.  PLAST-CONTROL technology is unique, patented and available only from PLAST-CONTROL. More than 3000 PLAST-CONTROL systems are successfully in operation throughout the world.