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System Type Download

File Size

GT3 gravimetrics 477kbyte
GDC gravimetrics 565kbyte
ACS gravimetrics 674kbyte
Dosing Blending 1,192kbyte
Batch Blending 1,197kbyte
Width Measurement 203kbyte
Material Minimizer 2,070kbyte
Material Data Base 723kbyte
Vacuum Loading 351kbyte
On-line Profile Measurement 524kbyte
Profile Scanners 261kbyte
Non-contact C-SCAN 403kbyte
Flat Sheet PRO-SCAN 561kbyte
Automatic Gauge Control   ACS PRO-JET 311kbyte
Off-line PRO-LAB Measurement 634kbyte
Automatic Gauge Control      ACS PRO-CON 83kbyte
Automatic Gauge Control     ACS PRO-CON DUO 387kbyte
Uncontrolled Air Rings 1,013kbyte

NAVIGATOR complete

Extrusion Control Package

Plant-Wide Data Collection 442kbyte
PRO-CAGE Sizing cage 780kbyte
IBC & Width Control 473kbyte
PIPE-IDENT 1.7mbyte
Product Range 2013 4.2mbyte